“Ignite” CSLA Competition

[Southern Region Edition] ~ Get on your soapbox!

Ignite CSLA is an information exchange for fostering and inspiring the school library community. We are looking to find passionate speakers from our ranks; creative, technical, political, or off-topic. We are seeking TLs, paraprofessionals and others willing to talk about their current projects or favorite ideas for just five minutes. Presentations will educate and inspire the audience, and maybe even make them laugh in the process.

Rules & Guidelines

The Presentations

20 slides and 5 minutes is all you get. Not a second more. All presentations must be prepared on PowerPoint, must contain exactly 20 slides, and must proceed at a pace of 15 seconds per slide automatically. Additionally, the PowerPoint must be received by Marie Slim by midnight on Friday, April 27th. The presenters need to get to the point quickly, and make it exciting and engaging. We welcome topics about anything that other people will find interesting. That’s a wide criteria and that’s just fine.

Open and Community Based

Anyone who wants to can participate. As long as you have something interesting, and stick to the format (20 slides for 15 seconds each), you’re good. We want Ignite to be about promoting and sharing burning ideas. If those ideas happen to take the form of criticising the district or school you work for, or you explain a the program you’re trying to get funded, or you do anything self-serving, then so be it. We’re fine with it, really. But whatever you present had better be interesting, because that’s how it’s going to be judged.

Make it Interesting!

Final presentations will be judged first and foremost on how interesting they are. We’re not targeting a specific “theme” or “feel”, and prefer to let that form from the types of submissions received. We, the organizers, don’t pretend to know what “most people” would find interesting, and we don’t think the presenters should worry about that either. If your idea fits the format, and is interesting to at least one person (e.g., you), you’re in.

No Keynotes

All presentations will be given equal standing/billing. Let them differentiate themselves on their own merit and interestingness.


Each section should sponsor an Ignite speaker.

The Rest of the Rules

I guess there have to be some “real” rules in here, somewhere. So, here they are:

Presenters shouldn’t do anything that’s going to get you or us in trouble. In short, keep your topic legal and don’t be stupid. Although the audience is adults, keep the presentation at a PG-13 level. We don’t want a completely G-rated event, but presenters should avoid using language and visuals which are graphic, disturbing or suitable only for mature audiences.

The Point Of It All

If Ignite CSLA succeeds, then participants have:
  • Above all, had a great experience!
  • Learned something new about what’s going on in and around school libraries and education in general.
  • Met new people and made new personal or professional connections.
  • Had fun!
If you want to present or just help out let us know!